Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Black Veloforma Ninjas

So I know we've mentioned our badass Veloforma bikes over and over but here is a little more insight of these sweet machines (pssst if you are interested in one, email us!):

Kat and I have been fortunate to be sponsored by long-time friend and former director of mine, Mark, who owns Veloforma Bicycles, based out of the Portland area. Veloforma has always been very generous in supporting women's professional cycling and we're very fortunate to have them on board this year.

Kat and I are both on the latest Strada SLR. This sweet, slick machine is light, fast, and STIFF. It handles confidently on Colorado and Utah mountainous descents and just as well on sharp crit corners at Tulsa Tough. I've gotten to ride Veloforma bikes for the past three seasons. I had a break last year, riding another larger company's bike frame (which never really did it for me), I was super pumped to get back on a Veloforma last year and am so, so happy to be riding one again this year.

Kat at Tour of Elk Grove 2012

Whitney (L) and Kat (R) on our trusty steeds at Gateway Cup 2012

Veloforma is a small company with limited production that sells out quick, so if you are interested in purchasing from them, don't hesitate to get in touch as soon as possible! You'll find all the crew at Veloforma super friendly and reachable :) Hey- they think ladies on bikes are badass. They have a super sweet blog too!
Here are some pictures of Kat & my "black ninja" Veloforma bikes this year:

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